Pirates of the Caribean: The Legend oj Jack Sparrow

Sunday, September 21, 2008

You can play characters other then Cap' n Jack, their moves are all basically the same. Here's what you need to know about the different ways of kciking some serious pirate booty:

Light attacks (x, x+x, x+x+x): Use when you're up against weak or quick enemies. Quick attacks don't do much damage but do keep your opponent back!

Thrust attack (x+x+ square): Two quick hits followed by a slower piercing forward attack, this move is good for enemies that are lined up, as it can hit them all at once. Thrust attacks deliver high damage and also make your opponents fall to the ground.

Heavy attacks ( square, square + square): These attacks are good for slower enemies, as it takes a hile to deliver a single blow. When you do pull it off, though, heavy attacks hit for quite a bit of damage, and often send your opponent flying through the air.
Jumping slash (x+square): This is one quick slash followed by a sweeping jumping attack. This is great for crowd control, as it hits a lot of enemies at once. It doesn't do too much damage, but it's perfect for getting out of a tight situation.


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