Monday, September 22, 2008

In Fairyland, your favorite fairy tales come alive! Their world exists and surives because of your imagination. But today, kids no longer believe in fairy tales. This lack of faith is breaking up the very foundation of the Fairland world! So the citizens of Fairyland sought an answer from the Wise One. And he said: "Let all those who doubt our existence come and see us for themselves." And with these words, the gates to Fairyland were opened, inviting everyone to beome part of the story

So what's there to do in Fairyland? You won't get bored because there's always something to keep you say busy. Your two main activities will be hunting monsters and completing quests.

As you travel between kingdoms, you will encounter many hostile beasts. The further travel from civilized areas, the tougher these beasts get. Low leveld characters may want to stay on the beaten path. But you must hunt monsters to gain experience and improve your reputation.

When you enter into combat with a monster, the flow of time shifts from real-time to turned-based. You have to decide if you will attack, cast a spell or use an item, all within the given time period, or else your character will defend by default. You and the moster take turns performing your actions until one of you is defeated. And if you happen to have a pet, it will be able to attack with you!

The inhabitants of Fairyland have plenty of quests for adventures and you're rewarded handsomely with money and goods. Most of the tasks are really easy too - just collect items for someone or deliver a certain item to another city or village. Sometimes completing a simple quest will unlock a harder quest, one that involves defeating a powerful monster for example, with a matching greater reward. __kzone


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