Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Graphics: The graphics are just awesome. Some characters even look more colorful that their previous PS2 counterparts!

Sound: Familiar Disney and Kingdom Hearts themes fill most of the games, great for complementing the overall atmosphere of the game.

Replay: Once you finish the game with Sora, a 2nd story made opens up. This gives the players a more complete picture of the awesome story.

Gameplay: It's set in Castle Oblivion, where moving up floors and levels requires you to clear certain tasks from familiar Disney locales, such as Agrabah, or Neverland, and so on. You play as Sora, still searching for Riku, all the while trying to recover his memories, which are being manipulated by a group simply called The Organization. What makes this game, is that the gameplay is a mix of action and card battles. This is where it gets tricky. Players not used to card battling will have to make quite an adjustment from the previous game. But the card battle isn't overly complicated and it just takes some getting used to. You may need to work out a strategy to dole out heaps of damage across multiple combos, but it's still lots of fun.

Overall: This game is just awesome. Whether or not you like the game depends on how you feel about card battles, but the game still has the charm of the Kingdome Hearts universe. Avids fans, be sure to picks this one up.


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