Final Fantasy I and II: Dawn of Souls

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Twelve or so Final Fantasies ago, there were no flashy whizbang light shows for a simple lightening spell, nor dragons that scorched an entire planet at your command. Dialogues was not spoken in full, stories were not told in Shakespearean tongue. When the hero and heroine fell in love in the middle of a raging war, there were no cinematic cutscenes that made you gush in excitement. So why would anyone play suce a game? Well, take a break from the graphical glitz and glam of modern 3D games and find out yourself, because Final Fantasy I and II: Dawn of Souls have been re-released and revamped for the GBA.

Graphics: The graphics have all been redrawn, though the updated visuals of the game don't compare more modern RPG's. Still, considering that its a remake of a classic, they're pretty good. The art is colorful and has a good level of detail, and spell effects are fun to watch. Some gamers may find the sprite animation a little static though.

Sound: There are more sound effects - each weapon type even has its own distinct battle "clang". All the original tunes are still intact, but sound much better. The music is nice and catchy too, which is great because you;ll be hearing that battle theme a lot.

Replay: There is so much to see in Dawn of Souls. Even for games as old as these two, the worlds are huge and detailed. The bonus dungeons in FFI are a treat especially for gamers who've played through the original games. There are also new rare items worth searchimg for and collecting. There is even a built-in bestiary that allows you to view information about monsters you've already defeated. Prepare to spend hours trying to complete this game.

Gameplay: By today's RPG standards, the gameplay is a little old-fahioned. Still, since most RPG's borrow from the original Final Fantasy's formula anyway, it may not be a bad thing. All the standard-fare RPG elements are here, from randome battle to magic spells to weapons and equipment.

Overall: The Final Fantasy name is like a seal of quality for RPG genre. And as this remake shows, even in its early years the series already had polish and quality that plenty of today's 3D games lack. It you're up for a good story, some great battles, and an immersive experience overall, equip that sword, don that magician's robe, and prepare for the Dawn of Souls.


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