Some Advice to Nursing Mothers

Thursday, September 4, 2008

If you don't have enough milk for the first few days, no worries okay? Let me share to you what I've read in the Book.

First thing you do is to let the baby suck your nipples but don't keep her on your breast for about 20-30 min. Begin with 3 min. the first day, 5 minutes the second day, and so on until you work up with 15-20 min. Be sure that you let your baby suck your two breasts to promote milk production in both breasts. In lactating women, soreness or tenderness is common. To avoid this, use one breast longer that other during each nursing period. For example, during your first feeding of the day you nurse your baby on the left breast for a long time and the right for a short time so during your second feeding of the day, let your baby suck your right breast for a long time and left breast for a short time. Few weeks later you should nurse the baby on the first breast for 20 min and the other breast for 10 min.


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