Boots for Christmas!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas is fast approaching and that means season of giving. When someone talks about Christmas, the first thing that would come to our mind is GIFT. Just like me, every Christmas, I always expect that someone will give me a gift. Whether it's expensive or not. It doesn't matter.

Anyway, I am planning to give my dad a 511 Tactical Boots because he loves wearing boots. As far as I remember, he always wear boots when he was still working at ILPI. Until now, he still wears he's old boots. So, I will buy him a new pair of boots.

Stylish Glass Frames from Zenni Optical

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Have you heard already about Zenni Optical? This is the most The popular online eyeglasses shop! They sell different kinds of glass frames. They also offer a cheap prescription eyeglasses as low as $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses. If you are fan of having cool frames for you eyeglasses, Zenni Optical is what you need. Check out their Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical!

DragonBall Z: Budokai 3 cheats

One of the fun things bout DBZ: Budokai 3 is that you get to play as so many characters. Most of the basic characters are available as you start the game, but some require 'unlocking'. Here are the methods for unlocking some of the other (and oftentimes more powerful) characters:

Finish the Dragon Universe (DU) mode as the following characters to unlock these characters. For some, simply beating them during the DU mode already unlocks them; for the others, you have to complete the while DU mode and beat all your opponents.

Finish DU mode as:

Goku - Unlocks Captain Ginyu, Frieza, Kid Buu, Majin Buu, Recoome, Super Buu and Vegeta.
Piccolo - Unlocks Android 17.
Krillin- Unlocks Android 18.
Kid Gohan - Unlocks Teen Gohan.
Teen Gohan- Unlocks Cell and Adult Gohan.
Adult Gohan- Unlocks Dabura, Goten and Great Saiyaman.
Yamcha- Unlocks Dr. Gero
Vegeta- Unlocks Kid Trunks and Trunks
Broly- Unlocks Kid Goku.

Mp3 players

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lots of people are now using Mp3 player to listen to their favorite music and watch their favorite movie. Mp3 players are very popular nowadays. Imagine, there are different kinds of Mp3 players in the market. Lots of company are producing Mp3's and of course, different qualities. But for me, the best Mp3 player of all is iPod.

ipod is a kind of Mp3 player manufactured by Apple. It has its own unique features. This is a high quality iPod and a very durable Mp3 player. There are different kinds of iPod such as ipod nano, ipod touch! These ipods are cheap ipods! Very affordable and worth buying! You could also try creative zen mp3 player. You can buy these mp3's at This site is the best price comparison site ever!

So, what are waiting for? Grab your affordable and cool ipod now! And don't forget to listen to your favorite music and watch your favorite movie!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

While I was watching TV a while ago, I observed that there were many great advertisements shown in the Television. It made me wonder how advertisers make an advertisements and how they get a TV SPOTS from the TV channel. Some of the advertisements where international and local advertisements. I also wonder how these advertisers get a slot from a specific TV program. Is there any services/company involve? Well, the answer is YES. MpowerMedia help advertisers to get on broadcast or cable TV stations, locally and nationally. Of course, they offer the best rates.

Well, I guess advertisers are so lucky to know MpowerMedia. I bet this service is so helpful to them. Imagine empowering local advertisers locally and nationally. That's a great service right? Anyway, keep up the good advertisements. Make an advertisements that will really get the attention of the watchers. In this way, you can earn a lot of buyers.

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