Spyro: A Hero's Tail

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spyro, the adorable purple dragon is back! He goes on a journey to defeat the Evil Red Dragon and seek the nasty Dark Gems that are slowly destroying his world. With its lush 3D world and colorful characters that slightly depart from their original look, this game looks visually superior to previous Spyro games. The cutscenes are even more amazing as they provide more detail with the character illustrations and background environments. The camera angles get a bit wobbly at times, but isn't too bad since the analog stick can be used to give the view more control.

This game has upbeat music and cutesy sound effects like other Spyro games, and the voice acting is excellent, giving the cutscenes a high-quality cinematic feel. You need to use new abilities and power-ups as you travel through strange places such as the Horn Drive and Brimstone bombs. There are a number of new enemies introduced in the game, which chaneges your strategy in each battle a little bit, but with the help of the Professor's inventions such as the Dragonball and Aqualung, you'll be breezing through the area in no time.


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