Rayman: Hoodlum's Revenge

Friday, October 3, 2008

The little limbless hero is punching his way into the GBA. Gamers familiar with the side-scrolling action in other Rayman games may be surprised at this installment's top-down perspective. The sound effects and speech in Hoodlum's Revenge are both top-notch. The music is also appropriately whimsical for all of the different level themes.

As always, the graphics in this game are excellent, colorful and nicely detailed. Character animation are simply beautiful and the many different backdrops are fun and playful.

Rayman's friends Globox has once again swallowed a dark lum, who then uses poor Globox to wreak havoc on their peaceful little world.Good thing being possessed by an evil lum does have some advantages. The normally cowardly Globox is now a playable character and his split personality releases some of the evil within, which helps Rayman beat up the baddies. Globax also does other things that Rayman can't, such as step on a huge switeches and travel through water, which is really useful since water is like kryptonite to Rayman after all.

There are limitations that come with the pseudo-3D perspective. For one, it's a bit more difficult to judge the distance of jumps. The vine-swinging action from the older games is also gone. Rayman himself can still learn more moves apart from punching and kicking and the addition of Globox as a playable character certainly spices up the gameplay!

Althought it may not exactly be the great comback that fans of the first two games have been waiting for, Rayman: Hoodlum's Revenge is still a good game. Compared to other games that feature the top-down view, this one has a pretty good handle on controls, and their are also a handful of unlockables to keep things interesting.


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