Week 3: Annex Unit I duty

Monday, August 18, 2008

Our week 3 duty was in MSH Unit Annex. The very expensive unit in the hospital.

During our duty in the floor, I had 3 different patients within the 3 day duty. One of it suffered from a hyperuricemia. Second form bacterial diarrhea and the last one from hypertension. Well, the whole duty was quite fun because I performed a lot of procedures! Giving IVTT meds, skin testing, ECG taking and etc.

What made the duty enjoyable is our beloved C.I. She was so kind and energetic. She always comes along with us, everytime we give the medications (whether it is oral, IVTT or IM injection). Not only that, she also supervised us even in changing IV fluids! Wew... I admit also, that I was a little peeved when someone is always following me.

But anyway, to sum it up. The week 3 duty was successful! Hope Week 4 duty will also be cool!


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